Monday, 6 August 2012

Day 1

Is anyone out there?  I've been contemplating starting a blog for a long time.  But I kept thinking...why would anyone want to read yet another "mom" blog.  Trust me, I love a good mom blog.  In fact I read too many each day.  But I started thinking that maybe this blog isn't about what I am offering to others in the form of reading material.  But instead this blog is about what I get from it.  I look forward to looking back at what I hope to be a bit of a diary.

And so it begins...I have two daughters.  I chose today as the day to start blogging, mainly because it was a horrible day!  So why not document it? 

This little darling is Hazel...she just turned three, my oldest of two girls.  And just as we were getting ready to sit down to dinner, she decided to umm, how do I put this nicely so you'll continue to read more?  She wiped poop all over her bedroom.  I mean all over one wall, the windows and oh yes all over the carpet.  Oh she said it was an accident of course...but what should I believe?  She has never in her little life done anything like it before!

And just as this was happening the second little darling (Violet) who just turned one, decided that she had to go to bed at that very moment. 

And because of that the store was closed by the time we were able to get out for a carpet cleaner!  Oy! 

So that's day 1 for you.  I swear the blog will become a more interesting read.  I feel better all ready!


  1. hehe, wow you really did need a vent! Thats some day!! I'm fairly new to blogging myself, but really do it for me. As an at home mum I was finding the days/weeks were blurring into one and I was forgetting what it is I do or have done. So for me this is my way of documenting the fun, not so fun, and general stuff that goes on around here.
    It's for me. I love that there are readers don't get me wrong, but I needed to write more than I needed to be read.........looking forward to following along with you :)

  2. Welcome to blogging! :) Your daughters are beautiful!