Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Big Move

My family and I are from the beautiful state of Maine in the US.  I have never lived any place other than Maine.  But my husband worked hard for a huge promotion so we just recently moved 10 hours north in Canada.  I never imagined moving someplace even colder than where I had lived my entire life.  I didn't want to go...oh there were tears.  Not just from the children but big, big tears from myself.  The one thing that got me to leave this beautiful beach was that we were going to be living in a house about four times larger than what we own in Maine!

So we have been in Canada now for a few months.  Although, I have been home to visit about four times already.  A ten hour drive with two little girls, ugh!  So as fall/winter approaches we will probably not be driving home to visit as much.  Which means I have decided to do some decorating. 

We'll start with Hazel's room since I want her to be as comfortable as possible here, without missing home too much!  This house that we are living in has not been renovated and it was built in the 80s so you can just imagine the style, which is not my style at all!  Here are pictures of Hazel's room.  We can't remove the horrible, wrinkly carpet or shiny silvery wallpaper because we're just renting for two years. But any tips on where to start would be great!

She does have the best view in the house!
Just look at that nasty carpet (at least it's clean now)

Basically all that's in the room now is her little antique bed and some scary
looking drapes!

I'm thinking a fun bedroom like this.  If it were my room I would choose this.  But without all the money in the world I certainly can't afford either.  So we are going to do our best, thrifting is my thing and hopefully we'll make one little girl happy (and not so homesick).  Check back for the reveal pictures!



  1. Wow! What a big move you've made. Your new place looks great. I LOVE your girls' names, by the way. Good luck with the bedroom makeover and looking forward to reading more. Greer x

  2. 10 hours is a serious haul! You'll get settled in though, give yourself time :)
    Thinking about the room, you could put a rug down to cover/brighten up the floor. And you could perhaps pin some pretty butterflies/flowers/dots onto the curtains to jazz them up a little? It can be fun starting a little room from scratch......tissue pompoms from the ceiling perhaps.....oh my mind is getting carried away!!