Thursday, 6 September 2012

Vintage Goodness

Oh I love vintage...almost anything dated, really.  I think I should have been born in a different time just so I could have enjoyed all the funkiness that the 60s and 70s had to offer.  So while it has been doing way too much of this here;

I have been doing way too much thrifting.  But I love it and my little shopping companion (Violet) doesn't seem to mind much either.  So we'll share a few of our most recent (and exciting) finds. 

Although you really are unable to see the book in this picture, it is my favorite vintage sewing book I have yet to find.  It's the Better Homes and Gardens Patchwork & Quilting from 1977.  Found for .99cents.  A few close ups for you,
I may have to try a few of the projects in this picture.  Of course, I'll be sewing with a huge grin on my face!
I have never seen a quilt like the one to's a must try.  But I don't know if I can go as colorful/psychedelic.  Maybe pinks/purples for a little girl I know?  Hopefully I'll find the time to whip one of these up.
Again my pictures are way too small, besides the first one....I can't figure this blogger thing out.
I scored this awesome embroidered Hollie was in a gross old frame that smelled of basement.  We pulled it apart, washed the material and now I plan to make it a center to an upcoming girly quilt.  She was $3.00
And we found an awesome set of almost never used Pyrex bowls.  When we moved recently we hurriedly bought a bunch of plastic mixing bowls and I have never liked cooking/mixing with plastic.  Eew.  So I had to splurge on these.  They are orange and yellow with 70s style flowers. 
I couldn't get a great picture of the knit sleeper.  So cute!  It's lavender in color and just the right size for the baby.  We also found a whole bag of buttons for .99cents.  Vintage of course.  I love buttons, I've always had a thing for them.  When growing up I used to play with my moms boxes and tins of buttons.  When my parents sold their house, my mother tossed all her buttons in the trash.  No one understood why I was heart broken.  Crazy, I know!
I hope you enjoyed some of our finds!  There will be more in the future, you can count on it!



  1. I found my way here from Needle and ThREAD. I'm a button fanatic, too. I told my husband he could fill my Christmas stocking with various assorted buttons and I would be perfectly happy. And I would be heartbroken if my mom threw out her button stash... Though in my case I need to worry that my dad would throw it out. ;) my mom knows of my addiction and she's okay with it (but not enough to give me one of her two antique jars... ;) ).

  2. My mom kept a tin of buttons, too. We played with them, even used them for "school".

    1. Funny memories. I played school with them as well...organized them in so many ways. It's one of those odd things I hope I can pass on to my daughters!

  3. Such a beautiful, sweet find! So adorable with the bonnet and the kitty... :-)