Monday, 22 October 2012

Cupboards Were Bare

I admit to having a growing fabric addiction!  I don't know when this started.  The first few projects I ever made, required trips to the fabric store.  But now I have to own a substantial stash.  I know there are tons of you addicts out there!  Doesn't it feel so good?!

On a recent rainy day I went a little nuts.  I never seem to buy a whole or even partial line of fabric.  Just buy what I like. 

I was thrilled to find an old favorite.  I think the following is my favorite fabric of all time and I recently used it all to finish a quilt.  I was so lucky to find more.  I just love that pink and turquoise combo. It's called Flower Power by Jennifer Paganelli for Free Spirit.
I think I'll use if for mouse clothing.  I recently found this mouse pattern hidden away with my mom's sewing machine.  I'm pretty sure my mom made me this mouse when I was little.  Isn't that clown the scariest thing?  Would a child really want to play with that? 
Here's a look at my stash.  Slim pickings and very messy looking!
And I've recently developed on obsession with vintage sheets.  I love these funky colors.  My family thinks it's completely ugly, maybe that's why I like it!  It's queen sized so I'll probably use it for a quilt back.
And a lovely little pillow case, which will probably be made into a skirt for one of my girls.  I'm enjoying this book too.  A fun little read.
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