Sunday, 14 October 2012

Gratitude Sunday

Today I am once again linking up with Wooly Moss Roots for Gratitude Sunday.  This is an important time for me to be thinking about all I am grateful for.  After a week together at our home in Maine, my husband had to return to Canada for work.  I've decided to stay behind with the girls for a while...indefinitely.  We all miss Maine so much that I felt we should stay for a while.  But this decision has left me overwhelmed and consumed with sadness.  So here is my list for this week.

This week I am grateful for;
As usual my husband, after sending him off this morning I sat to think about how good he is (with tears streaming down my face).  Wonderful husband, fantastic father.  I love him so so much!
We deep cleaned the house this week.  Cleaned behind shelves, sent many bags to goodwill.  We hadn't been in the house for two it was dusty.
My parents, they live around the corner here and it's so nice to have them close by.  Especially since they love the girls so dearly and will lend me a hand whenever they can.
Our little propane heater.  It's always so cozy when it turns on.  Wish we had a fireplace here.  But candles are doing the trick!
Grateful for my two sewing machines.  I can keep one in Maine and one in Canada and craft anytime.
Inspiration to begin a new quilt.
Many wonderful vintage finds this week (more on that to come). 
Nap/rest time for all.  Sometimes I feel it's the best way to turn everyone's day around!
Night night!


  1. Hello Sara,
    I hope things will lighten up and get easier. Writing my gratitudes helps me SO much during hard times.
    Glad you have your parents nearby and are back in Maine where you love.

    Deep cleaning is so satisfying.

    Naps can work magic. :)

    Love, Taryn

  2. A few years ago we left our home to live closer to my parents and my husband stayed behind for work. We lasted 6 long weeks apart and it was so very hard. These lists are a great way to see the positives even when we're struggling!

  3. That would be so hard to be apart but having your parents close by I'm sure is really helpful. I love that you have a sewing machine at each home! I'm not a quilter and am always amazed at others who can commit the time to make a beautiful piece of quilt art :)

  4. HI Sara,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, By Hook & Thread. Shelburne is only 2 ours from Halifax, on the south shore. Go past Lunenburg, Bridgewater and Liverpool. We're between that and yarmouth.
    I was excited to see you were in Halifax. My immediate family are all there, so I do visit at least once, sometimes twice a month. Next time you're in Canada and feeling lonely contact me. If I'm in the city, maybe we can meet up! I'm new here too, so don't have many crafty friends. We're a different breed yes? I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your blog.