Monday, 29 October 2012


Linking up with Taryn today at Wooly Moss Roots for Gratitude Sunday (Monday). 
My girls and I just got back to Canada after three weeks home in Maine.  We are sad, well actually I am sad.  The girls adjust quickly.  There's that old saying, "home is where the heart is."  My heart is not in Canada, that's for sure.  I never thought a physical place would have such control over my emotions.  But what can I say, I just love my home in Maine. 
So because I don't want to bore my husband anymore with sad complaints I felt I should make a gratitude list.  I went outside today in this hurricane weather to get some shots of the things I am grateful for.
I am focusing on the gorgeous fall leaves and colors before they disappear with this wind.  Obviously this picture is looking out our front window.
The same tree
I am definitely grateful that these happy little Violets stuck around to greet me.  My daughter's name is Violet so you can imagine the fondness I have for the sweet flower.
I feel so happy when looking at these colors.  I crave color.
A color combo that I love.
I am feeling better just from puting this post together.
Usually this view is so clear.  I am grateful that we will not be getting the brunt of this storm.  Thinking of all those in harms way. 


  1. Hello Sara,
    Gorgeous pictures this week!


    1. Thanks Taryn! It really helps to put things into perspective when working on being grateful. Thanks so much for starting this post to begin with!