Wednesday, 3 October 2012


I'm linking up today with Freshly Pieced for work in progress Wednesday!  I just love looking through all the lovely projects people are posting.  Take a look if you haven't already.  So much inspiration! 

This week I am still working on a quilt for my three year old.  My goal is to have it done by Christmas so no big rush.  It's a really simple quilt but I'm frustrated because some of my measurements were off and now the blocks don't all line up perfectly. 

In fact some of the rows are way off.  And of course I can't find a seem ripper in my sewing room!
Here's a look at one of my favorite fabrics in this quilt.  It's an old curtain I found for $5 at Valu Village.  The blue background with pink flowers makes me so happy!

And because I love the fabric so much (and have tons of it) I decided to make the three year old a skirt.  Mainly because I can't fix the quilt today.

She'll be modeling it in a future post I'm sure, but she's at pre-school today!  I'm tired of her wearing nothing but jeans.  I always feel that little girls should be dressed like pretty little girls but we get a lot of clothes handed down and so most of them are jeans and t-shirts. 
That's it for WIP this week.  I have a ton of sewing ideas but I usually try to finish one project before moving on to the next.  We'll be traveling home next week so probably no sewing. 
And now since it's a beautiful, fall day I must say goodbye and get outside!
Keeps us company in the yard!

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  1. love the skirt :) mine is the opposite, rarely get her in pants!

  2. Oh, that skirt is so sweet! Hope you find your seam ripper. Though, sometimes when seams don't line up just right, it adds to the charm. :)

    1. Funny I left the seam the way it was. I had to buy a new seam ripper....a certain baby must have wandered away with it!

  3. Oh, what fun!! Your quilt and skirt are so pretty.

  4. aww sweet little skirt! Thanks for linking up to wip Wednesday this week where I've enjoyed guest-hosting!