Monday, 26 November 2012

Corners of our home

We are spending some time in our little Maine home by the sea.  We'll be heading back to Canada next weekend for a few weeks but we'll be back in this space for Christmas.  So I wanted to get a head start on decorating.  I know..I know, a little early.  Take a look around!

I have to pack most of our breakables into this hutch, otherwise the girls are all over these items, which are my favorite!

Found two years ago, waiting for me at the local Goodwill
Hazel couldn't stand the idea of waiting to get a tree.  So I splurged on this little one, just to keep her happy for now.
This sweet little Christmas coat just barely fits Violet.  We'll keep it on display this year to remind ourselves of how little she is.
Elfie, elf, elf (as he's been named) has been found rock climbing.
And here he is sewing.  I sure hope he gets the dolls done for the girls!
So there you have it!  There will be much more to show, I'm sure.
Have you started decorating?

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