Sunday, 4 November 2012

Gratitude Sunday

Joining up with Taryn again for Gratitude Sunday
This week I am grateful for so much.  The main things being that my friends and family are safe after the horrible Sandy came for a visit.  I wish those still recovering from the storm all the best.  It is hard to think about all of the trivial things I am thankful for when so many are still doing without.  But I am thankful, all the same.  Here's my list:
Since the big storm struck we have seen almost nothing but rain.  So happy that the rain held off a bit for my little pink poodle and little pink owl to enjoy themselves.
A large yet cozy house to spread out in.
The threat of a Nor Easter.  What can I say, I do love a bit of snow!
New muscle slowly being built from time spent at the dreaded gym.
This delicious soup that helped with our nasty cold symptoms (however fattening it may be).
Finding the biggest Christmas craft fair I have ever seen.  Over 450 crafters!  I was in my element.
Hubby joined me for day two at the craft fair and found some adorable things!
Little bits of color that remain in the garden.  A few weak, yet still beautiful roses left.
A head full of crafting ideas.  I am finding inspiration everywhere lately and it makes me so happy.  I love dreaming of all the things we can make with our own hands.
Coffee, tea, anything toasty.  (I kind of love this picture).
And finally my little poodle and owl for being just how they are!
Have a good week everyone!


  1. what a wonderful warm beverage photo! love it!

    1. I thought it was pretty cool...thanks! Taken with a macro filter.

  2. Hi, I am your newest follower. Love your blog and looking forward to more of your great photographs. You have a sweet family. We all have so much to grateful for, don't we. enjoy your week.

    1. Thank you so much! I do have a sweet family, I have to remember to be grateful for them. I'm going to take a peak at your blog!

  3. <3 lovely list and your cuppa looks great!

    1. Thanks...that picture was taken for project 365.

  4. Sara,
    Love the picture of your little poodle next to the pumpkin. :) So cute.

    Wonderful list.