Sunday, 18 November 2012

Gratitude Sunday

Today I am linking up with Taryn at Wooly Moss Roots for gratitude sunday.  Take a look!
I have been busy lately but tired.  Oh so tired and haven't felt like blogging at all.  But knowing that it is Sunday and also Thanksgiving week, I felt I should post what I am grateful for.
An early (very early) start to the Christmas season.  We are in a new country with different traditions and wow they start early here. 
That I now have this wonderful bum shot to tease her with when she is older.  I smile each time I look at it.
A warm heater in the car after sitting outdoors for 3 hours to watch the parade.  And then a warm, cozy bed.
My daughter's giving nature when we saw a father of a friend standing on the side of the road begging passerby for money.  She didn't even wonder why he was asking but just understood that we should help.
Watching her become more of an independent child and less of a baby.
That I still do have one younger babe to cling onto for now!
That Thanksgiving week is upon us!  A long drive home on Tuesday and we'll be welcomed by family.
My husband can't make it home for Thanksgiving with us but he'll drive down to see everyone next week.  He works so hard and for that I am grateful.
A new pre-school, which equals (hopefully) better learning experiences, new friends and the right fit for her.
Time to work in my craft room is producing great results.  Can't wait for gifts this year!
Have a great week!
P.S. doesn't this look like a fun way to go?!

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