Monday, 19 November 2012

"It's Reindeer!"

I hadn't planned to start our Elf on the Shelf adventures so early.  It's before Thanksgiving for goodness sake!  But the timing was too perfect.  Here's our "elfie" story. 

All four of us were folding laundry in the bedroom yesterday when we looked out the window and saw these girls;

There are four of them...I think two were very young.  In fact, we usually have one or two deer pretty close by in the yard.  But we hadn't seen them for about a month.  Our yard is attached to a 1000 acre park that seems to be FULL of animals!  I worry that the deer will be hunted, especially this time of year.
They are pretty tame.  We were able to go outside and almost coax this little one over to eat a carrot.  We were able to watch for a good half hour.

While they were cleaning eachother up Hazel declared that they must be Santa's reindeer.  And I thought to myself, "aahh this is the perfect night for an elf to show up on our front porch."

So after the deer wandered off we went inside to get dinner.  Just as we finished the front door rang.  And guess who was on the front porch with his book?  Elfie (Hazel has named him)! 

We are so excited for Christmas time now!


  1. How wonderful! we often get deer in the garden also but they are nowhere near this tame.

    1. These deer are wonderful...all of my family is concerned about ticks but I guess we just can't worry too much or we'll miss out on the joy these visitors bring!