Thursday, 15 November 2012

Plaid Friday

Have you heard of plaid friday?  It's in place of black friday...that scary day after Thanksgiving when people are out to kill in order to get what they "need" for Christmas gifts.  Plaid friday is about buying local.  It's about supporting all the wonderful, smaller, neighborhood shops rather than the big box stores.  These little shops are usually using wonderful materials and not the plastics and who knows what else of the big box stores. 

This year I am trying.  Trying a handmade and local made Christmas.  Plus I'll be shopping on Etsy for the things that I absolutely cannot find in my area. 

For starters I recently purchased this kitchen set from Elves and Angels (I'm not affiliated in any way, just love their product and they are Maine made).

I know two little girls that will absolutely love it!  Along with some locally thrifted cookware.
I'll be posting about some other local finds as well as what I'm making for Christmas in a future post.  I'm so excited that the making/shopping has begun!
Will join the plaid friday movement this year?


  1. Whilst I've never heard of Plaid friday I strongly support it. Buying local, and handmade is the way to go. Mass produced 'made in china' should be banned I say!
    Etsy is wonderful, so many creators of wonderful things (you may even find my store there! Wawaakids!) Happy shopping :)

    1. I did check out your etsy shop. It's lovely! I would love to buy one of those gorgeous shawls...if I can convince my husband.