Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Liebster Award

Twice in one day?!  Wow!  Just coming by to say that I've been nominated for the Liebster award (honestly I've never heard of it before)  but apparently it's a blog hop to get to know other new bloggers.  I was nominated by Lia, take a peek at her blog!
The Liebster Award is a fun opportunity to promote small blogs as well as revealing a bit more about yourself to your readers. To qualify for the Liebster Award your blog needs to be less than 6 months old (date of the first blog) OR have less than 200 followers. And you also have to do the following:

1. List 11 random things about yourself
2. Answer 11 random questions from the person that nominated you
3. Choose 11 blogs to pass the Liebster Award on to and notify them
4. Create 11 questions that your nominees have to answer
11 random things about me:
1. I mostly think about sewing all day long!
2. I'm sometimes at a loss for what to do with my kids.
3. I met my husband through a patient I was taking care of, who ended up dying (not because of anything I did)!
4. Hubby is 13 years older than me, and only two months older than my sister.
5. I can now say I've lived in two countries.
6. I'm going to be honest here...I'm a registered nurse (currently I stay home) I have no interest in going back into nursing and would rather make money through crafts.
7. Want to open an etsy shop.
8. I'm currently loving Downton Abbey, after my initial resist.
9. I've been to Mardi Gras many times.
10. We are getting ready for a Disney vacation.
11. I have a very strong desire to travel without kids one day.
Lia's questions to me and my answers:
1. What is your favourite colour and why? Red!  No reason!
2. The weirdest food you've ever eaten? A chocolate covered cricket
3. Most desired holiday destination? I would love to go to Fiji or Turks and Caicos or how about Hawaii?
4. Your biggest wish for the future? To have a strong bond for life with my girls.
5. What is the colour of your car? Gold (ick)
6. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I would have wonderful patience, something I'm working on.
7. How many sewing machines do you own? 2, one for my home in the US and the better one here in Canada.
8. What is the first item you ever made (sewn) and do you still have it? A baby dress just 3.5 years ago.  I think I got rid of it!  The sewing was awful.
9. Where in your home do you sew, do you have your own craft room? I have a spare bedroom dedicated to crafting!
10. Do you have a favourite quilt fabric designer? And if so, who? Love too many!
11. What would you rather receive for your birthday, a nice meal at a restaurant, or an afternoon shopping at a fabric store? Probably the fabric store, unless I could have dinner with my entire family!
Here are my nominations (in no particular order):
3. Becki
4. Mandy
5. Ira
7. Jenny
8. Penny
10. Rebecca
11. Diane
Ok!  And here are my 11 questions:
1. What's your favorite crafty activity (sewing, gluing, stamping, crochet etc.)
2. Have you met other bloggers in "real life?"
3. Do you have children?  Ages?
4. Where did you meet your significant other?
5. Does he/she accept any crafty obsessions?
6. Favorite season and why
7. Do you have an etsy shop?
8. House or apartment?
9. Something crazy you did as a child.
10. Glass half empty or half full?
11. The farthest place you have traveled to from home.
Well this was fun! 

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