Friday, 22 February 2013

Off and away

Hi there!  I'm not sure if anyone has been here....wondering where we are.  But it's been one trying week.  We drove from Canada to Maine in record time, 8.5 hours.  We are here so we can visit with my family before catching a flight to Florida for our first vacation as a family of four.  Many plans include visiting my mother in law and sister in law.  However, while packing for our trip we got a phone call....  A phone call no one ever wants to answer...

My sister in law was found dead in her driveway.  We don't yet know what happened.  But my mother in law who has dementia is now alone.  I don't know either lady well but Janet my s-i-l was a very caring woman, who had a tough life.  It's sad...

I'm dissapointed with myself though.  I understand that we need to attend to my m-i-l and I understand we need to find a place for pets to live.  And I understand we need to get her house ready and listed to sell.  But all of this must happen during our dream vacation.  I'm sad for my little girls because this was a trip we planned for THEM.  I'm sad for myself because we won't be able to spend all this time together, having fun, just us four.  And I'm sad for my husband because he must be feeling that his wife is selfish for all of these feelings. 

So I just wanted to let you know (if you are out there reading) that I am still around.  But will be taking it easy the next couple of weeks!  Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Oh Funny Valentine

As is probably the case with most couples, once you have kids, Valentine's Day becomes about them.  We no longer have the wonderful restaurant, romantic meal and there isn't any jewelry gifted (although I did recieve some lovely flowers and the chocolates are already gone). 

Instead of a lavish evening out, we had a little Valentine dance party after a delicious homemade meal.  Some of our favorite tunes were spun!

Dress up attire was a must!
Followed of course by the tastiest of homemade treats.
My favorites (homemade short bread cookies filled with raspberry jam).
But I'm finding in these very busy days that we've been living, the best part of the day is an early bedtime!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

In Progress

I must be having a low motivation week due to it being February.  Can I blame an entire month for causing me to feel lazy and preferring to be cuddled under a blanket reading a book than making anything?  Actually I have been busy, preparing for a trip and increasing our workouts to five times per week.  I did do a little quilting though.

I'm participating in the block of the month with Alyssa at Pile O' Fabrics.  I'm finding that I love the quilt as you go method.  It's so nice to have a completed sandwich before moving on to the next portion of the quilt.  But I am experiencing angst over the free motion quilting.  I've never done it before and I'm not sure it will ever be "my thing."  I'll show you why...I do believe I'm having major tension issues.

I like the effect of fmq on the front of the block.  I'm not going to rip all this work out, I guess I'll never look at the back when it's completed!

Maybe I should really blame my lack of motivation on the state of my sewing room.  It doesn't always look so horrendous!  My girls get in there and woah!  The place becomes destroyed!

What are you working on this week?

Monday, 11 February 2013

The Blizzard!

Well we certainly got our fair share of snow!  It started Friday night and didn't end until Sunday night.  And with the driveway we have there was absolutely no way we were going anywhere.  So we hunkered down and had a really restful, and actually peaceful weekend.  I'm not sure how much snow we got but I would guess about 20 inches, there was enough blowing that we now have large drifts blocking some of our doors.

The following picture is just about the same view as here.  We couldn't see the bridge all weekend.

We will be traveling to much warmer weather soon. So I took time this weekend to do some "vacation sewing" and "vacation organizing."  I just love skirts in warm weather.  Much nicer than bunchy shorts.  So I decided I would use an older skirt as a pattern and here's a peek at what I came up with.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.  I'm hoping power is restored to everyone that lost it and you are once again warm and cozy.  I'll be back with WIP wednesday. 

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Storms a brewin'

Are you waiting for the same blizzard we are?  As long as it arrives over the weekend I'm happy.  James and I have our first date night in about 5 months tomorrow night...I will not miss it!  The clouds are already starting to roll in an boy have the winds picked's a bitter -8 (with wind chill).  Here are some calm before the storm shots I took this morning.  Hopefully I'll get back here with the same view, during the storm!

I think we have plenty of wind whipping snow already!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


With winter hanging on tight, we have been busying ourselves as best we can.  Lots of making, reading, snuggling and walking in the snow.  My girls are slowly coming to an age where they can sit next to me and play or work on their own projects while I work on mine. 

The little one still likes to explore all of my arts and crafts and sewing materials but I've worked it out so the things I really don't want handled are put up high.  Oh she has so much fun playing with fabrics and buttons, shells, sea glass, pipe cleaners and yarn.  My older daughter is starting to join me in some projects...seen here:

We recently worked on a coffee filter, tie-dye bunting.  So easy and lots of fun.  We used food coloring and water for the dye.  Folded the coffee filters randomly and then did lots of dipping in the dye.  These were dry in an hour and hung by the end of the day!  She loves looking at them from her bed.
The next project was mostly completed by me but Hazel had some say in the buttons and fabric.  She had been wanting a baby carrier for a long time.  I think she now understands how heavy a baby is to carry in this way!

Excuse the dirty has since been cleaned!
A proud mama!  I made up the pattern myself and I think it worked out pretty well.
I had really been wanting to finish up my husbands quilt by Valentine's day.  And I think it's going to happen.  I finished the quilt top yesterday and decided that I am going to go with the pattern idea and tie the quilt.  I've never tied one before, but it looks to be not too time consuming.
When my husband saw it he said, "wow that's crazy....but in a good way."  I sure hope so!
How about you?  What are you crafting, baking, sewing?

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Gratitude Sunday

Joining along with Taryn today at Wooly Moss Roots for Gratitude Sunday

Today I am so grateful for:

The above little face...can't get enough of my baby.  Who is really no longer a baby.
The break in snow.
The ability to walk around and play in the yard without fighting with piles of snow.
Snuggling in the house today, since it's started snowing again.
My husband for giving me time to quilt in peace!
Continued planning and excitement for our vacation in 3 weeks!
Baking the best, jammed packed oatmeal cookies, and eating too many.
Some delish mexican meals made by my husband.  He knows how much I love mexican.
Watching my girls play together.  I think they really may like each other!

Have a great week!
A few photos from some rare outdoor time: