Monday, 22 April 2013

Traveling WIP

Seems like we're always on the move lately.  Living in Canada but from the US so we travel back and forth a lot.  I've made it simpler on myself by having two of most things.  For instance I have two sewing machines, one for each house.  However, the sewing related materials that I travel with is usually pretty extensive!  I found this granny style suitcase recently, it is now the "traveling haberdashery." 

My family now understands that the only items to be placed in this suitcase must be sewing/craft related! 
I have a few projects I'm working on right now.  These strips were intended to be a tumbler quilt.  The pieces are from vintage sheets.  I love the vintage anything and sheets are wonderfully funky and soft!  However my seems are not lining up well, I think partially to do with the fact that they are sheets.  So I have yet to finish the top.
I have wanted to make the weekender bag that I see all over blogland.  I'm a bit timid because I've never made a bag before.  So I am starting with an easier patchwork bag.  I love the echino fabric in this.  And I'm also using a vintage sheet for the lining, which I love!
And finally, I'm experimenting with a one block quilt.  One large log cabin block, so far not too large.  I'm not sure why I picked this color combination, not my usual style.  But I do think I like it!
That's it...all of my WIPs.  Hopefully I'll have some finishes next week. 
PS. iPhone picture quality is not so great.  The husband took the camera on a trip to Europe.  Lucky him!


  1. I really love the Echino fabric in that bag! Also I like the colors in the log cabin block!
    Have fun sewing! Jan

    1. Thanks for visiting Jan! I think Echino is becoming my favorite!

  2. Love the Echino fabric - great choice for a bag!

  3. Very nice! And how awesome to work while you're traveling...or at least take it along with you. =) Visiting from Let's Get Acquainted. Have a great day.

  4. I love these fabrics you are using!

  5. Oh, yummy fabric! Love the colors you've chosen and the zebra is so sweet!

    I'm a vintage sheet fanatic too! Your prints in your collection are amazing!

  6. Beautiful set of projects you have!

  7. The longest time I have sat at the sewing machine is close to 15 hours on one day, I was hurried to finish a project for Christmas and only took little breaks from sewing.
    Your log cabin block is beautiful.

  8. I recognise some of those sheet prints - I think that sometimes US ones end up here in the UK!
    If you're put off by the weekender (me too) have a look at the Aeroplane Bag, I made one it was fairly straightforward and sounds like much easier than the weekender.