Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Just a quick story

A couple of days ago the sky was filled with clouds.  All day long it rained hard with little peaks of sun.  The rain in this chilly part of the continent just lingers, for days on end.  My girls and I were out driving around (sometimes we do that because mama gets bored).  There was a very ominous black cloud above, surrounded by sun.  The skies opened and it poured again. 

On our way home Hazel said, "mama I don't think I've ever seen a real rainbow.  I'd really love it.  I draw pictures of them all the time, but I don't know what they really look like."  She'll be 4 in July and I'm certain she has seen a rainbow but just not remembered it.  Anyhow, I thought to myself wouldn't this be our lucky day?

We drove home, slogged back into the house and I glanced out the window to see this;

You can imagine she was thrilled.  Of course she wanted to drive to the other side of the bay to find the pot of gold.  I explained that I'm sure someone already found it!


Our lucky day for sure.  And now she can draw a rainbow from memory!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Wonky WIP

Seems as though whenever I have plans to make a quilt I always tend to go a little big.  I haven't even made very many quilts but the ones I have made are usually bed sized.  I tend to wonder why others are able to get so much sewing done.  Probably because they aren't choosing HUGE projects everytime.  I think I'm learning my lesson.

This is a tumbler quilt I've been working on for a while.  It's enormous.  I haven't measured it yet but as you can see it is draped all over our giant dining room table.

I collected vintage sheets for a while.  Fortunately there are usually many beautiful vintage sheets at the local thrift store.  This quilt is super soft in color and in feel.  I'm hand quilting it.  Unfortunately I had some trouble matching points but I'm just happy it's even put together.

The one problem (if you can even call it that) is vintage sheets are so big that I'll never use up all the fabric. 

I've also been working on a much smaller wonky star quilt.  It will probably be for one of my little girls but there may be a fight over it.

The large star will be the center block, it also has a vintage sheet for the center.  Hopefully I'll have this finished within the next week. 

Thanks for visiting!  I always love your comments even if I'm unable to get back to you! 

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Gratitude Sunday

It's been a while since I've joined everyone at Wooly Moss Roots for gratitude Sunday.  I've been thinking about writing a gratitude post but other things always take my time away from the computer. 

It has been a very stormy couple of weeks here in Nova Scotia.  I've been a little down because I've been watching the weather for home and see the beautiful temperatures.  But as of today I think we are out of the rainy pattern for a bit. 

Everything is extra green because of all this rain.

Little girls are thrilled to get back outside and continue exploring.

I'm so happy we were able to get in a quiet hike this morning.  And watch the Atlantic ocean crash angrily against the rocks (oops no pictures).

Loving the heavy winds.  Keeps the black flies away!

Rainy day baking.  Nothing like it.

Rainy day crafting.  Nothing like that either!

Working on and finishing up some creative projects.  More to come on that subject.

Anticipating a lot of time spent out of doors this summer!  The girls and I will be living with my parents at their Maine cottage for a good portion of the summer.  We'll be arriving just before July!  Although missing daddy will be hard.  But there will be visits.

Mail from grammie and grampa, including an adorable little dress for my big girl. 

Time spent exploring a beautiful little farm.  My baby has a serious love for animals.  She chased chickens around for a long time!

Ahh now that I've listed my gratitudes, I'm feeling wonderful!  Have a great week, I'll be back with a WIP soon.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Catch up

It's been raining here forever (it feels like it).  We had a long weekend here in Canada, which is always so nice.  So nice to have my husband around, so nice to share the household burdens!  But also we were able to squeeze in some fun and a little bit of fun.  We found this beautiful farm museum and ran all over it until the tantrums started!

My littlest is an animal lover.  I can tell already, isn't it interesting that some are born to love animals and others just don't?  I don't care about keeping animals as pets but I'm sure that this little animal lover of mine will have us getting pets in no time!
A few egg layers would be nice.  Where we live, in the city we're allowed 6 chickens.  We've thought about it...maybe someday when life settles down.
So lucky to have this guy and these two little girls.  He is far more patient with them than I.  Such a good catch!
The start of a tantrum...but pretty picture anyhow.
And what do you know?!  The next day the rain set in...and hasn't left us since.
I'll be back soon with a work in progress update.  I feel like I'm working away but not much to show.  We'll see!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


A little late but I'm moving on over!
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Sewing frustrations!

Usually sewing provides me a sense of calm in a crazy life with two little kids.  This weekend was nothing but calm.  In fact, I think there may have been a tantrum or two thrown by someone other than the kids!  Wink, wink! 

So I guess we'll start with the bad.  I decided that it was time to learn to sew clothing for myself.  Mmm...might have been a bad idea.  I started with the Washi dress from Rae.  First of all I've decided I'm not a fan of printing patterns at home.  Oh dear does that take a long time to tape the pieces together.  And then when they are together, one toddler or another decides to rip the pattern apart.  What fun! 

Don't mind the stray threads
The dress looks fine, I took my measurements and thought I picked the right size but my goodness I cannot get this darn thing to fit!  I think I did a pretty decent job with the darts and love the armhole binding.
I remade the bodice twice because I wanted to do a full bust adjustment, which I think I did correctly.  However, I now think I'm going to give up on this dress.  Yes, hate is a strong word...but I think it describes just how I feel about this dress!
Can't even get the pockets in correctly!  Argh!
I quickly moved on to something a little less frustrating.  I've always wanted a wonky star quilt.  I thought they would be difficult to piece.  To my amazement they are super easy.  I guess I won't give up entirely on sewing!

Underneath is a block that I had sewn for a BOM, but decided that I wouldn't like it in a quilt so I'll be making most of the BOMs into pillows instead.

Wow the colors in the last two shots are not accurate, must be the dreary weather.
This is going to be my patchwork summer bag for carrying all things kid related.  Hopefully to and from the beach and lake if the weather starts cooperating.

And finally a shot of cuteness,

My sweet little sewing buddy!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


I had hoped to do an update on my latest sewing adventures today.  But I haven't gotten as far as I thought I would in the last couple of weeks.  I've now had bronchitis for two weeks, and on top of that nasty spring allergies.  But with two little girls and two houses to care for one must continue on!  We were home in Maine for a couple of weeks but we are now back in Canada.

The following pictures are what we've been up to lately, with a mix of Maine and Canada shots.

This is my parents beach at their cottage on the lake in Maine.  Spring up north is unpredictable, but wow has this been a good one!

An evening spent with good friends at their house on the beach.  Just three moms but eight kids between us! 

We've had veggies growing in our Maine yard for many years now.  This is the first year I was able to work along side my children.  What a great time, we planted an entire bed of peas.  We'll be heading back to Maine in 5 weeks and hope our peas will be up to surprise us!
Green onions have come back three years in a row now!
And this sweet face greeted us after our nine hour drive back to Canada.  We are almost able to feed them out of our hands. 
The view out front.
And finally I had to add this one.  I've been trying to have my girls play together more without me being right there.  I remember as a child being very independent in my play and entertaining myself for hours.  Todays children seem to do much less of that.  So lately I've been setting little stations up for the girls and letting them have at it.  Yesterday was mud pie kitchen day.  What a fun time was had.  But just look at that guilty face!  This was taken after she dumped mud all through her sisters hair!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Giveaway Day!

I almost forgot today was giveaway day over at Sew Mama Sew!  One of my favorite days (or weeks) of the year.  Things have been so hectic here lately that I haven't had much blogging time, but I have been creating (more on that later this week).

In case you are new here, Hi!  My name is Sara.  I started sewing about two years ago, it has helped tremendously in transitioning to a new country.  My family and I are from the US but living in Canada for a bit.  And although I try to be upbeat we haven't enjoyed it too much, so far (sorry Canadians).  But my little girls, husband and I are here for another year so trying to make the best of it!  Sewing/quilting is a wonderful way to keep my mind off things...I'm sure all of you know that!

So for my giveaway.  I have four pieces of fabric, approximately 1/4 yard each.  They are not all in the same line but they are all very girly and I thought sweet together.

The one with the roses is a favorite of mine.  It's Henry Glass and is definitely more mint green than this shot shows. 
Aunt Martha's Busy Kitties print is also Henry Glass.  There is a piece of McCall's and an Alexander Henry "storybook patch."

So there you have it!  All you have to do is answer the question What is the longest amount of time you have sat in front of your sewing machine?  One comment per person.  If you become a follower leave another comment for another chance to win. 

The drawing closes on May 5th and my daughter will randomly pick a number, we'll notify the winner by the following day!

Open Internationally! 

Thanks for stopping by and good luck!