Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Catch up

It's been raining here forever (it feels like it).  We had a long weekend here in Canada, which is always so nice.  So nice to have my husband around, so nice to share the household burdens!  But also we were able to squeeze in some fun and a little bit of fun.  We found this beautiful farm museum and ran all over it until the tantrums started!

My littlest is an animal lover.  I can tell already, isn't it interesting that some are born to love animals and others just don't?  I don't care about keeping animals as pets but I'm sure that this little animal lover of mine will have us getting pets in no time!
A few egg layers would be nice.  Where we live, in the city we're allowed 6 chickens.  We've thought about it...maybe someday when life settles down.
So lucky to have this guy and these two little girls.  He is far more patient with them than I.  Such a good catch!
The start of a tantrum...but pretty picture anyhow.
And what do you know?!  The next day the rain set in...and hasn't left us since.
I'll be back soon with a work in progress update.  I feel like I'm working away but not much to show.  We'll see!


  1. Beautiful photos Sara! I need to find a little place like this near us. My oldest is also an animal lover and would just love this place!

  2. How gorgeous. It looks like an idyllic place.