Wednesday, 8 May 2013


I had hoped to do an update on my latest sewing adventures today.  But I haven't gotten as far as I thought I would in the last couple of weeks.  I've now had bronchitis for two weeks, and on top of that nasty spring allergies.  But with two little girls and two houses to care for one must continue on!  We were home in Maine for a couple of weeks but we are now back in Canada.

The following pictures are what we've been up to lately, with a mix of Maine and Canada shots.

This is my parents beach at their cottage on the lake in Maine.  Spring up north is unpredictable, but wow has this been a good one!

An evening spent with good friends at their house on the beach.  Just three moms but eight kids between us! 

We've had veggies growing in our Maine yard for many years now.  This is the first year I was able to work along side my children.  What a great time, we planted an entire bed of peas.  We'll be heading back to Maine in 5 weeks and hope our peas will be up to surprise us!
Green onions have come back three years in a row now!
And this sweet face greeted us after our nine hour drive back to Canada.  We are almost able to feed them out of our hands. 
The view out front.
And finally I had to add this one.  I've been trying to have my girls play together more without me being right there.  I remember as a child being very independent in my play and entertaining myself for hours.  Todays children seem to do much less of that.  So lately I've been setting little stations up for the girls and letting them have at it.  Yesterday was mud pie kitchen day.  What a fun time was had.  But just look at that guilty face!  This was taken after she dumped mud all through her sisters hair!


  1. This was funny for me to read. I couldn't believe you were at the beach in Maine where I think they still have snow! And a house in Maine and Canada! Wow! Then I saw the Kangaroo-totally different continent. I really enjoyed this post about the beach, your girls, your garden and your kangaroos!

  2. You are in New England. I see that is a deer. This is getting funnier. How on Earth was it warm enough to go to the beach in Maine? I am in PA and it is still mostly cold here! I was wondering how it would be Spring in Australia when it is spring in North America too. Bizarro World! I think I have my compass on right now.

    1. That's too funny! I posted this picture of the deer on facebook...all my friends thought it was a kangaroo! My girls think 65-70 degrees is warm enough for swimming and at the lake it usually is. But the ocean in Maine is never warm! Haha! Thanks for the comments!