Tuesday, 25 June 2013

tablecloth skirt

I'm starting to become excited about garment sewing.  I think, once I had a couple of successes in the area of garments, I became hooked!  Little girl skirts are so easy.  Hazel, my just about four year old is becoming a bit more picky with age.  But she loved this skirt!  I will admit it did take a little time, the ruffle in the middle was fiddly! 

The large bottom panel is a wonderful tablecloth I found recently in a thrift shop.  I had been waiting for the perfect project and thought this would be unique and fun!

The great thing is I didn't have to hem the bottom because the edge of the table cloth already was enclosed with bias.  I wanted it to be a red/white/blue skirt for Independence Day but I added a little bit of yellow in the ruffle.

The pattern is from Little Girls, big style by Mary Abreu.  I have to admit, this is the only pattern I've tried from the book, it's the reason I bought the book.  Really the skirt doesn't require a pattern though and I didn't really need to buy the whole book.  I've made this skirt a couple of times and feel I've almost perfected it!

I wish I had some photos with my model...here it is drying after a spin through the sprinkler! 

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Monday, 24 June 2013

'round here

I feel busy lately...but busy in all the fun ways possible.  I'm a stay at home mum so as long as things are going smoothly with my little ones, we're generally having a good time!  Lately we've been sewing, crafting, nature seeking, reading and NOT watching t.v.  This is my aim for summer.  These two girls of mine are just little.  And at times t.v. seems to be the easiest, quickest way to provide some quiet but I also have a feeling that it contributes to my older ones moodiness, at times.  And so this summer I will be working extra hard to provide (an almost) t.v. free environment.  Sometimes a 5am wake up requires a cartoon! 

Here is a little taste of what we've been up to so far:

Kicking off our shoes!
We soon abandoned our daisy crowns, when we discovered they had bugs!
We'll be trading in this view (for the summer).  By next week we'll be lakeside in Maine!  Home for the summer!  But right now we are enjoying imagining the lives of those sailing by.
"No clothes in summertime"
We didn't have to look to far for this sweet Mama. She was hunting right by our bedroom window.  Babies waiting above for food.
So far, a summer highlight!
She caught a mouse and we watched as the babies ate it right up!
How is your summer going?  Or is it winter where you are? 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Washi wip

A while ago I talked about the Washi dress, it was seriously frustrating me!  But all over blogland everyone had these wonderful little dresses so this week I decided it was time.  Time to finish off my Washi and start wearing it.  The biggest lesson I learned while sewing this is that you must wear the appropriate undergarments while sizing the dress, or any article of clothing.  I think that was the most basic thing to a good fit and something I wasn't doing. 

I really like this dress and would love your honest opinion.  Do I wear it out of the house?

It needs a good ironing.  I was too excited though for my photoshoot!

I made some changes to the pattern.  I had to do a full bust adjustment, which really wasn't that hard once I read up on it. 

I also lowered the bodice by about an inch.  I think I chopped two or three inches from the skirt.  I like having dresses above the knee.

I also scooped out the neckline a bit more.  Most of my tops need to be lower cut or I look really out of proportion. 

I didn't use any facing.  I wanted to use some fun bias tape but wow these polka dots would not line up straight.  I think I am ok with that though. 

It's so comfortable I could even garden in it!
So what do you think?  I would love any tips.  That last picture makes the dress look a little too tight across the bodice but I think it's just because my arm is up.
Hubby thinks I'm a goof for keeping it hung where I can see it.  I'm proud!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Gratitude Thursday

...Because I could use a pick me up.

Today I am grateful for:
My favorite tree in this yard.  I think it may be dying but I love the little bit of shade it gives the house and how the moss grows all over it. 
A sunny day.  I'll say it again, this seems to be the foggiest climate I've ever seen!
Cool breezes wafting through the screen door.  Carrying the smell of baked goods and cut grass with it. 
The wonderful bird song in the woods behind the house.  Some new ones I've not heard before. 
Hand quilting.  I didn't think I liked it.  In the past I never have, just too slow, I thought.  But right now I'm loving the slowness and stillness of hand quilting while watching my favorite show.
Parenthood (the show), my favorite!
Plans coming together for a wonderful relaxing summer.  Lots of ocean, lake and home time!
My husband.  He works so hard and comes home to help with our little girls who have been more than challenging and maybe a little frustrating lately. 
Drawing, coloring, gluing all things that seem to calm and settle myself as well as my almost 4 year old.
Bath time.  When the fun of the day gets washed down the drain, ready for a clean sleep. 

Now I feel better!  Have a lovely rest of the week!