Thursday, 6 June 2013

Gratitude Thursday

...Because I could use a pick me up.

Today I am grateful for:
My favorite tree in this yard.  I think it may be dying but I love the little bit of shade it gives the house and how the moss grows all over it. 
A sunny day.  I'll say it again, this seems to be the foggiest climate I've ever seen!
Cool breezes wafting through the screen door.  Carrying the smell of baked goods and cut grass with it. 
The wonderful bird song in the woods behind the house.  Some new ones I've not heard before. 
Hand quilting.  I didn't think I liked it.  In the past I never have, just too slow, I thought.  But right now I'm loving the slowness and stillness of hand quilting while watching my favorite show.
Parenthood (the show), my favorite!
Plans coming together for a wonderful relaxing summer.  Lots of ocean, lake and home time!
My husband.  He works so hard and comes home to help with our little girls who have been more than challenging and maybe a little frustrating lately. 
Drawing, coloring, gluing all things that seem to calm and settle myself as well as my almost 4 year old.
Bath time.  When the fun of the day gets washed down the drain, ready for a clean sleep. 

Now I feel better!  Have a lovely rest of the week!

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  1. you have a lovely list of thankfulness. I have many trees with lichen on them and they most definitely are not dead...yet. It's cool that yours has moss.