Tuesday, 25 June 2013

tablecloth skirt

I'm starting to become excited about garment sewing.  I think, once I had a couple of successes in the area of garments, I became hooked!  Little girl skirts are so easy.  Hazel, my just about four year old is becoming a bit more picky with age.  But she loved this skirt!  I will admit it did take a little time, the ruffle in the middle was fiddly! 

The large bottom panel is a wonderful tablecloth I found recently in a thrift shop.  I had been waiting for the perfect project and thought this would be unique and fun!

The great thing is I didn't have to hem the bottom because the edge of the table cloth already was enclosed with bias.  I wanted it to be a red/white/blue skirt for Independence Day but I added a little bit of yellow in the ruffle.

The pattern is from Little Girls, big style by Mary Abreu.  I have to admit, this is the only pattern I've tried from the book, it's the reason I bought the book.  Really the skirt doesn't require a pattern though and I didn't really need to buy the whole book.  I've made this skirt a couple of times and feel I've almost perfected it!

I wish I had some photos with my model...here it is drying after a spin through the sprinkler! 

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  1. Beautiful!! I love the tablecloth and what a neat idea to turn it into a skirt !!

  2. Aww this is so pretty and how nice to not have to hem the bottom! I made a skirt today with the help of a good friend...very easy and fun!

    1. Yup...not hemming made it so darn easy!

  3. Cute skirt!!!