Wednesday, 28 August 2013


I miss writing lists of things I'm grateful for.  Just today I read an article about gratitude and teaching children to be grateful.  A few of the key points to the article were,

  • Making a list of 2-5 things per day that you are grateful for will have a positive impact on your daily life.
  • Children actually need to be taught to be grateful.  Parents can facilitate this by talking about the things we are grateful for, easy to do around the dinner table. 
  • Even if a young child starts with "I'm grateful for tv" that's a step in the right direction. 
  • Children that talk about the things they are grateful for at a young age may have a more positive outlook on life as adults.
Here are the things I am grateful for today:

Lessons in nature.  I was fortunate enough to open the backdoor to see this sweet little lady resting under some tree branches.  She stayed all afternoon.  I had my suspicions that something was up.  And I was right...two weeks later she brought her twins to the yard for a feed of rose bushes.  My 4 year old was especially amazed.  Hopefully I'll get some photos of the babies before they grow up!

My little ones wake up really early.  I'm not a morning person.  But at least I get to see a few sunsets like this one!

Wonderful scenic drives.  I always wish that I could be back home but had we not moved here I never would have experienced all that I have!

And always so grateful to have my little family.  They are wonderful, even that little mischievous one in the background!
I think tonight is the night that we'll start going around the table to name one thing we are grateful for.  Just one!  Not that hard right? 
How about you?  Do you make lists of gratitude?


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Her Quilt Story

My older daughter Hazel is just four years old.  She's a very confident little girl, believing in her abilities 100%.  So when she said she wanted to start sewing "like mummy" I understood what she meant was, "I want to use the sewing machine and I know how!"

While I was recently working on a quilt she was sitting on the floor with a scrap of batting she had found and was digging through my quilting scraps looking for the perfect pieces..she was also fighting her little sister off who also wanted to "help."  But that's a story for another day.

This is how her quilt started.  Testing out various pieces.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to take any pictures of her sewing since she was sitting on my lap.  We did a good job to keep all her little fingers intact.  I ran the foot pedal and she did guide the fabric through the machine.

Her end result is pretty adorable I would say!  She's so proud!

And from what I hear, her dollies love their new quilt!

All week this has been 'the thing' to play with.  There have been many fights between Ms. 2 year old and Hazel.  So last night I quickly made another in about 15 minutes!
I think we have many more sewing dates in our future.  This mama could not be happier!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Works in Progress

The weather is cooling off.  My recent post suggested that it is so, summer is coming to an end.  One nice thing resulting from it is the fact that creating/sewing is easier to do once it's cooler. Some of my current projects include:

This block is called Lost At Sea.  I've never done a block like this before.  I like to do most sewing on the spur of a moment.  Whatever strikes me as fun is how I sew.  So this block was different for me.  It's going to be the center of a medallion quilt.  All the lovely Marcelle Medallions I've seen on the internet have given me the push to try my own version.  But since I don't really like to follow directions I'm putting together my own medallion quilt.

 A while ago I joined a block swap.  My month isn't until November but I had decided on my design long ago.  Everyone is to complete a 14" block with some sort of house design on it.  This is one that I designed.  I have already received three in the mail and they are adorable!

 August's Bee member picked a five sided block, using any colors/scraps of our choosing.  I hope she likes things bright!

I started these geese a while ago, just for fun but I think these will be my first border for the medallion quilt.

And finally this bundle of baby clothes...they were about to make their way to Goodwill but I just couldn't part with them.  So I'm going to put them together as quilts for my daughters.  They'll have to be mini quilts, I think.  The girls are still little so they haven't outgrown too many years worth of clothes to add to a quilt!  :)

I think that's it for today!  I'm liking up with Better Off Thread, Quilt Story and Freshly Pieced! 

Hopefully I'll see you back here soon!

Monday, 12 August 2013


Since my family and I will (hopefully) only be living in Canada for one more year, we've decided we really need to start taking advantage of it.  There are so many places to see, but with two small children the driving can be hard. 

We started this weekend in Hall's Harbor Nova Scotia.  Before arriving there we had already picked 50 pounds of blueberries!  What am I going to do with that many blueberries?

Hall's Harbor is a wonderful, working fishing village.  So sweet but of course this is many families livlihood.


Just a little on the chilly side!

This colorful cottage is available for rent.  How could you not be happy spending time in a place like this?

Our next stop was a vineyard.  I had no idea that grapes would thrive in the Canadian landscape.  We drove by five different wineries yesterday.  And stopped at this one which was rather large, about 10 acres of grapes!

Funny, our girls are so young they won't remember any of this.  Oh how I wish they could remember a weekend as enjoyable as this.  The weather was perfect, the scenery amazing and the company...well it couldn't have been any better!

Friday, 9 August 2013

Is Summer Ending?

No!!  It feels like summer is coming to an end....the weather has changed, we are done traveling for a few weeks and I've started sewing again (just a little).  I wanted to share a finish that took all summer long.  Considering it's not a huge project, this took way too long.

But here it is, my Wonky Stars quilt

That center star is actually purple, it looks kind of black here.  It's on the small side at about 40"x40"
Perfect for my daughter's crib. 

I used a striped fabric for the binding.  I didn't really like it before I put it on the quilt...but once the whole thing was complete those stripes pulled everything together.

For the quilting I outlined heach star a couple of times.  I used a metallic, multicolor thread which is so much fun for a little girl quilt.  The background fabric is a grayish color, not sure of the line.

The back is fun too!  The quilting really shows on the solid fabric. 

Perfect for my tiny birthday girl!