Monday, 12 August 2013


Since my family and I will (hopefully) only be living in Canada for one more year, we've decided we really need to start taking advantage of it.  There are so many places to see, but with two small children the driving can be hard. 

We started this weekend in Hall's Harbor Nova Scotia.  Before arriving there we had already picked 50 pounds of blueberries!  What am I going to do with that many blueberries?

Hall's Harbor is a wonderful, working fishing village.  So sweet but of course this is many families livlihood.


Just a little on the chilly side!

This colorful cottage is available for rent.  How could you not be happy spending time in a place like this?

Our next stop was a vineyard.  I had no idea that grapes would thrive in the Canadian landscape.  We drove by five different wineries yesterday.  And stopped at this one which was rather large, about 10 acres of grapes!

Funny, our girls are so young they won't remember any of this.  Oh how I wish they could remember a weekend as enjoyable as this.  The weather was perfect, the scenery amazing and the company...well it couldn't have been any better!


  1. they might remember! You've documented with photos. love the cottage I think you are right, you have to be happy while renting there. Good luck with all those blueberries to eat :)

    1. Thanks Karen! So far we're doing pretty well on the blueberry front!