Monday, 30 September 2013


Slowing down, it's what we've done for two amazing weeks.  A horrible flight leads to a wonderful trip.  Less connection with the outside world and more connection with each other.  More hugs, less tears.  More sun, less time spent within four walls. 

More time spent gazing at rainbows.

More time creating together.

More time completely alone.

More time with our toes in the sand.

I find myself filled to the brim with happiness from our recent time away.  But slowly as we return to our routine I feel it coming.  I feel the tension creeping in, the long hours of nothingness being filled.  My shoulders rise ever so slightly with tension.  Why does the peacefulness have to end? 

Right now my goal is to feel the calm and restoration and learn how to keep that with us, all year long.  Or at least until the next vacation fills us up again!

Monday, 9 September 2013


I always have so many ideas to blog about.  But then again sometimes I don't have any ideas.  The hardest part is making the time to sit at the computer and do it.  I like blogging, but really I enjoy reading others blogs more. 

I guess all of this is to say, I've been gone from this space a while and here's what I've been up to!

If you're not sure of the Nova Scotia/Anne of Green Gables connection take a peek.  This collection of books was left behind in our house.  Working on reading them again!

All of these books were left behind.  How lucky were we?

I find little collections all over the house.  This one was rather lovely.  Some are not so nice.  How long must one keep loads of homely rocks?

More scenic drives to beautiful places!

Temperatures sure have changed here recently.  But we're heading to Florida for vacation, two weeks from now.  Much crafting and sewing to be done between now and then.  We, of course need new warm weather skirts.  Currently there is a 30 degree difference between where we live and where we'll be in two weeks!

Have a lovely day!  I need to go warm up with one of these...