Thursday, 31 October 2013


A day late for the linky parties I like to join up with.  But I thought I would visit with you all anyhow.  Halloween for our two little girls is very exciting.  So we've had a busy week decorating and preparing costumes.  I've had little time for sewing but I'm always thinking about it.

Here's what I've been up to:

My one and only niece will be graduating High School this year and hopefully will be on her way to college.  I would love for her to take along a quilt that's full of love.  So this will be her Christmas present.  She is completely girly so pink will work and to make it a little more edgy and not so little girlish I'll be adding some gray.

The following two pictures are for a Christmas swap that I've joined for the second year.  It's a lot of fun and anything handmade qualifies.  Find out more details at Marigold's Loft

Visit back here soon to find out how I took this moth eaten sweater and turned it into something warm and cozy.  It's made of cashmere so had to be upcycled!

 Unfortunately my favorite work in progress at the moment is buried in this mess.  The medallion quilt that I am working on couldn't be more enjoyable.  I find it very boring to make the same types of blocks over and over again for a quilt.  So adding different borders to a medallion quilt really mixes things up and keeps it enjoyable.

I guess my the sorry state of my sewing room I better clean up a bit before moving on to actually sewing.  I'm so ashamed!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Thursday, 24 October 2013

'Round Here (in pictures)

The cold is settling in and with it comes illnesses, comforting meals, cozy reading and crafting.  Take a look around our home!



And one sick girl! 

How is your fall going?  Or maybe you are heading into summer...  What's it like around your home lately?

Monday, 21 October 2013


Once upon a time I dreamt of having a family.  A loving husband and a couple of little kids.  I had hoped to stay home with them and raise them up well.  All of that has come true.

And for a while I found I didn't have any huge goals to think about anymore.  But recently my mind is just racing.  We currently live in an area full of vineyards that make wonderful wine out of their own grapes.  I think we've visited all of the vineyards in the area (at least twice).  The one below is called Luckett's Vineyard.

And all of a sudden I'm realizing that this could be a reality for us one day.  Back in Maine, where we're from, my family owns a small "farm."  I put that in quotes because it's not a real farm, although it is surrounded by them.  The farm is actually a little summer cottage that my grandparents inherited around the 1930s.  It's slowly falling apart but the area is so beautiful.  My uncle can no longer take care of it.  It's already surrounded by fruit trees and many acres of land on a hilltop.  No one in my family wants to rebuild this once loved property, accept for myself and maybe my husband...wink, wink!

I've never had such grand ideas, but this could work!  Quilting, gardening and wine!

Hazel was caught eating the her little sister...who quickly joined in!

The amazing thing that I found out after talking with my mom is that grapes already grow on our property.  They were planted at one time, never taken care of but now grow wild along a rock wall.  All within reach, all within a ten year plan.

Thursday, 17 October 2013


Oh the frustrations.  Two weeks and two broken machines later, and I'll now have to resort to hand sewing.  Hopefully my husband will agree that I need a "better" machine.  Both machines seem to be having the same problem with the bobbin jamming up.  Threading and re-threading with no luck.

So here's my WIP for this week....

This block is for my bee mate Jen.  When I saw that she selected this herringbone block I was a little worried.  The first attemp didn't go so well but this was starting to look good...and then things tangled up.  She chose seaglass colors for her block, I hope these qualify.

This is a medallion quilt that I'm making up as I go along.  I don't really like following patterns.  I find that I love the challenge of figuring things out as I go.  Sometimes that results in a lot of wasted fabric and I think I should just stick to patterns...but that just wouldn't be as much fun for me.

I am the queen bee for the month of November.  I chose house blocks...any kind of improv house is fine with me.  I'm so excited to put it together so I'm making little trees and accessory pieces while I wait for all the blocks to arrive!

And finally just some fabric excitement.  I found a fabric store recently, about an hour from here.  I can't wait to get many modern fabrics that I didn't expect to see.

I have loved "glamping" for a happy to now own it!

Wonder Woman! It's flannel so will hopefully make some wonderful pj pants for Christmas.  That is if my machines are magically fixed between now and then.

Does anyone know of an ornament swap going on this fall?  I joined two last year and they were so much fun! 

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Monday, 7 October 2013


Rainy day thrifting is the best.  Hot cup of coffee in hand, a wee one in the cart and off we go! 
Our house in Maine is really a tiny, two bedroom cottage by the sea.  Right now we are not here much since my husband is still working in Canada and we are starting the process of a large renovation.  But I've had some ideas for this sweet little home for a while now.  I love anything vintage and it works well here.

There is a tiny corner in the kitchen that I just love.  And besides the microwave, which needs to stay in it's place, I think I've spruced up the spot with some thrifty touches.  I wish I had taken some before shots, but it just looked boring.  Everything in the picture below was either thrifted or given to me! 

(Rainy day lighting)
My most recent find is the Ernie cookie jar.  Honestly I never really use a cookie jar, but with two little girls in the house I couldn't resist!  I guess I'll start hiding treats in there!
The "fruit bowl" was passed on to me by my mother.

The pink mugs are Glasbake and the white with blue diamonds is Anchorhocking FireKing.  I found all five of these in the same day.  Actually the store was loaded with Glasbake, FireKing and Pyrex and for some foolish reason I assumed this particular store would always have a good supply.  NOT so!  I should have scooped it all up. 

This little lady is a soup server.  I don't think I'll ever use it in the intended way.

And these colorful bottles were given to me.  I really like the seaglass colors.

That's it.  My favorite little corner of this tiny little house!  Unfortunately the girls and I will be leaving for Canada on Friday.  Excited to see hubby/daddy though.
Thanks for stopping by.  I love your comments and hopefully I'll have a WIP soon.