Monday, 21 October 2013


Once upon a time I dreamt of having a family.  A loving husband and a couple of little kids.  I had hoped to stay home with them and raise them up well.  All of that has come true.

And for a while I found I didn't have any huge goals to think about anymore.  But recently my mind is just racing.  We currently live in an area full of vineyards that make wonderful wine out of their own grapes.  I think we've visited all of the vineyards in the area (at least twice).  The one below is called Luckett's Vineyard.

And all of a sudden I'm realizing that this could be a reality for us one day.  Back in Maine, where we're from, my family owns a small "farm."  I put that in quotes because it's not a real farm, although it is surrounded by them.  The farm is actually a little summer cottage that my grandparents inherited around the 1930s.  It's slowly falling apart but the area is so beautiful.  My uncle can no longer take care of it.  It's already surrounded by fruit trees and many acres of land on a hilltop.  No one in my family wants to rebuild this once loved property, accept for myself and maybe my husband...wink, wink!

I've never had such grand ideas, but this could work!  Quilting, gardening and wine!

Hazel was caught eating the her little sister...who quickly joined in!

The amazing thing that I found out after talking with my mom is that grapes already grow on our property.  They were planted at one time, never taken care of but now grow wild along a rock wall.  All within reach, all within a ten year plan.


  1. love this idea and I think it would be fun to try! Daydreaming and planning are fun activities and you just never know what is possible :)

  2. Just wanted to encourage you to go for it. My husband and I took the leap to move to farm land that has been in his family for years. We are learning a lot but it was an awesome choice for us.

    1. Thanks! It would be a far cry from what I originally planned life would be, but it makes me excited! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. How awesome would that be! Lots of hard work, I'm sure, but so gratifying and enriching!