Thursday, 23 January 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

Being accountable for what I eat is really paying off.  A couple weeks into my clean way of eating and I'm feeling great!  But oh the salads can get boring.  I definitely need to look into healthy recipes and do some preparing for snacks.

Yesterday was not the best meal day.  I was supposed to go out with the whole family for my nephews birthday dinner.  Just as we were leaving my two year old had a meltdown.  I felt bad but decided we needed to skip the party.  She was mad and frustrated as was I.  There may have been tears from us both.  As a result we ate boxed Mac and Cheese for dinner!  Yuck, I know.  I haven't eaten it in years and eew I really wasn't missing anything!

Here's how the day went:
Steel cut oats and a bit too much maple syrup!  Mmm

Kale chips for lunch as well as cashews and an apple

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


It's been a while since I've done a WIP post.  I've been sewing a bit more than usual because it's been so cold out, I'm keeping us indoors as much as possible.  And I've also heard that the number of stomach bugs and colds/fevers going around is staggering.  So sewing it is!

I've been working on some bee blocks.  I'm in the Stash Bee for the first time and I'm finding myself a bit overwhelmed.  I don't follow patterns often and I'm also finding that my scant quarter inch is a bit off.  I blame it on my old machine but maybe it's just me.  Feeling a little inadequate!  Here is the first block I made:

My real problem here is the seem allowance, I think.  The center geese just wouldn't line up!  I like the fast flying geese tutorial.  It was fantastic but I also feel that something was off when I was cutting those flying geese. 

This second attempt is slightly better.  I gave it a second go because I thought I would definitely get it the second time, but not so.  I'm now done! 

Moving on to a more exciting topic.  We're going on vacation next Friday!  Mexico for ten days.  So of course I need new summer clothes.  But the stores don't stock summer things this early.  So I thought I would whip up a few tops.  I love the first one but it's a bit too much like pajamas.  I used fabric from my stash so maybe just a bit too pink and glittery!  But I'll wear it! 

Excuse the phone pic...too lazy to get the "real" camera.
It's a great fit.  I made the large version, which was much too large and had to take in the sides.  The only thing I change is the facing for the armholes.  I didn't use any.  I had it sewn on and it looked bulky.  So I removed the facing and rolled the fabric as it wanted to do anyhow.  I just need to hem it and it's ready to go!
I haven't used a See & Sew pattern before but it looks really easy and was super cheap!  This blue t-shirt material is so soft. 
Now I need to get back to the bee block that I'm late on!  

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

Two days of dietary changes has made a big difference.  No changes in appearance of course but more importantly changes internally.  A healthier attitude being one change.  I'm not going to analyze  my food choices to death, because really I can't go backward in time and make new choices.  But the one thing I think I would have changed for today was to add a bit more protein.  I felt too hungry!

Join me next Wednesday?  This is what I ate today;

I forgot the morning photo.  It was an almond meal muffin, and cup of coffee with cream.  Followed by a huge class of water and vitamins!

Lunch!  I enjoy lots of different things I salads.  That is jicama on the greens.  I also had a dollop of hummus.

Afternoon snack, just a nibble

 Dinner was a delicious gluten free pizza.  I've never done gluten free but it was good.  I only had one piece with a spinach salad I did not get a picture of.

Monday, 13 January 2014

On Healthy Habits

One of my new year's resolutions is the most common of all lose weight.  I have two little girls and while pregnant with the first I gained 60 lb.!!  I enjoyed almost anything that I wanted, such a bad move.  I lost only 30 of those pounds before having baby number two.  I was much healthier the second time around, simply ate smarter. 

But now, two and a half years after my last child was born I still would like to lose 30 lb.  It's hard!  I've never been over weight in my life.  I had always lead a very active life with running, swimming and tennis.  Never did I need to worry about what I ate.  I've even run a marathon (pre-baby).  Since my second child was born I've attempted to get back into running again and also attempted to eat very clean.  But I always tend to slide backwards and the pounds never budge.  So instead of counting pounds anymore, which is so frustrating I'm going to base progress on how I feel and how my clothes fit and every now and then jump on the scale.  But I definitely don't want to stress out over it. 

I have a major sweet tooth and always have.  I think it's become an addiction.  So I'm going to start my healthy habits by finding sweets recipes that might actually be good for me!  And at the same time I'm going to start including as many veggies/fruits into my day as possible.  I don't eat a lot of processed food but just really have a sweet tooth!

I would like to eat less of this;

And more of this;
One way I would like to keep myself accountable is to do a What I Ate Wednesday post each week. 
Starting this Wednesday I will document with pictures what I've eaten for the day and then Thursday of each week I'll write a post about it. 
 I would love it if you would join along.  Maybe write a post yourself and link to your post in the comments section here.  Seeing other people make healthy choices is very motivating.  I can't promise I'll do this every week but will try my hardest!  I'm also interested to see how this experiment works when I go on vacation in three weeks.  There will probably be lots of pictures of wine, cheese and chocolate.  Oh no!
What do you think?  Will you join me?  Please?!  Now I'm begging!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Desperate For Color/Growth

Finally a sunny day!  The temperatures here have been minus zero for many days in a row and we just made it through a blizzard.  I'm already feeling cabin fever and it's just the beginning of January.  I like snow but definitely don't need this kind of snow;

This is not the pretty, winter wonderland kind of snow that everyone frolics in!  No, no this is the blowing side ways kind of snow.  The temperatures are the kind that freeze your face so you can't even speak.  So we've been doing a lot of sitting inside the house staring out the windows and wishing we could play in it.


Yesterday though I decided we needed to add a little color, a little life to our home.  Each winter I realize how much I crave green, living things.  We started with a few plants;

And then decided to force some bulbs.  Did you know that you can plant tulips inside the house (in winter) and they will grow and you'll end up with beautiful flowers in the middle of winter?  We've done this a few years now.  Usually because I forget to plant all the bulbs outside in the fall.  So a few are left in the garage where they stay nice and cold.  Then in December the bulbs usually make it into the house, where they begin to grow shoots.  Just yesterday we decided to plant them!

I usually use any container I can find.  These are small paint buckets, they don't even have holes for drainage.  It really doesn't matter what kind of container is used because once the blooms die I bring the whole container outside and clean them out in the spring.

Put them in a sunny window, add some water and just like that we have new life!
Give it a try!  Might be a little late for this year though.  I'll post more pictures as they are growing and changing.  I just can't wait for some living red and yellow!

I'm linking up with Taryn Wooly Moss Roots for Gratitude Sunday!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Year End..

And a new one just beginning...  I've taken a long break from sewing the last few weeks.  Lots of celebrating has taken place, as I'm sure it has for you.  Thoughts for the new year are being formed.  Lots of decisions being made for the year ahead, some of them wonderful and some of them rather painful.

I had a really difficult time making a collage.  In fact, that is one of my resolutions; learning to make a picture collage!  But here are some of my favorite projects from last year.  As you can see I tend to use a rainbow of colors in everything I make.

New Year Goals for 2014
  •  Learn to make a photo collage!
  • Finish three quilts I have in the making... a medallion quilt, a vintage sheet tumbler quilt and my bee quilt.
  • Sew summer clothes for myself!
  • Could this be the year I learn how to knit?!
  • Make a quilt for charity.
Like I said before I'm on the verge of making lots of big decisions about this year.  These are the things keeping me up at night...hopefully typing this out will help my boggled brain.
  • Begin large home renovation in Maine, so exciting!
  • Decide and be happy with where I choose to live.  Maine with my family and everything I love or Canada (for two more years) with my hubby who I dearly miss.  This is a big one and is weighing heavy on us right now.  It's starting to have a negative effect and I just need to figure out what is best.  I've never been one to have depression, but even the thought of continuing to live between two countries is starting to make me sick to my stomach.  I don't have a gut instinct on this one.
  • Work on calmer parenting...I'll leave it at that for now. 
  • Start working again, I miss nursing!
  • Do some volunteering.
  • Exercise and eat right and hope for the best!
 I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!  Any resolutions you wish to share?