Sunday, 5 January 2014

Desperate For Color/Growth

Finally a sunny day!  The temperatures here have been minus zero for many days in a row and we just made it through a blizzard.  I'm already feeling cabin fever and it's just the beginning of January.  I like snow but definitely don't need this kind of snow;

This is not the pretty, winter wonderland kind of snow that everyone frolics in!  No, no this is the blowing side ways kind of snow.  The temperatures are the kind that freeze your face so you can't even speak.  So we've been doing a lot of sitting inside the house staring out the windows and wishing we could play in it.


Yesterday though I decided we needed to add a little color, a little life to our home.  Each winter I realize how much I crave green, living things.  We started with a few plants;

And then decided to force some bulbs.  Did you know that you can plant tulips inside the house (in winter) and they will grow and you'll end up with beautiful flowers in the middle of winter?  We've done this a few years now.  Usually because I forget to plant all the bulbs outside in the fall.  So a few are left in the garage where they stay nice and cold.  Then in December the bulbs usually make it into the house, where they begin to grow shoots.  Just yesterday we decided to plant them!

I usually use any container I can find.  These are small paint buckets, they don't even have holes for drainage.  It really doesn't matter what kind of container is used because once the blooms die I bring the whole container outside and clean them out in the spring.

Put them in a sunny window, add some water and just like that we have new life!
Give it a try!  Might be a little late for this year though.  I'll post more pictures as they are growing and changing.  I just can't wait for some living red and yellow!

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  1. Oh Sara...just her smile makes me smile :0) A bit of color in winter - not a bad idea.

  2. I love this idea. Tulips are one of my favorite spring flowers.

  3. We haven't got the snow but our weather is just as windy and cold so I feel for you and your cabin fever. We have a beautiful hyacinth flowering right now, colour is just what you need at those time of year you are right!

  4. how cheerful to have tulips in winter :) I would never think of that. We have rain and the temps are to plummet today!! Brr.

  5. What an expression on her face! So cute. Glad you are finding ways to bring nature to you. Tulips are such a great flower. We are enjoying our hyacinths right now. And like you, waiting for Spring! Have a great week.

  6. I usually remember paperwhites but, for whatever reason, forget spring bulbs. Yours are going to be lovely inside the paint cans.

  7. what is that glass boat on your window sill? I mean, a glass boat, yes, but a knick-knack or from a product of some sort? it's so unique!

    1. It's "the Maine" a naval ship from the 1800s that sank. I love colorful glass so it was gifted to me. The top comes off, I believe to hold candy or olives or something! Lol