Wednesday, 22 January 2014


It's been a while since I've done a WIP post.  I've been sewing a bit more than usual because it's been so cold out, I'm keeping us indoors as much as possible.  And I've also heard that the number of stomach bugs and colds/fevers going around is staggering.  So sewing it is!

I've been working on some bee blocks.  I'm in the Stash Bee for the first time and I'm finding myself a bit overwhelmed.  I don't follow patterns often and I'm also finding that my scant quarter inch is a bit off.  I blame it on my old machine but maybe it's just me.  Feeling a little inadequate!  Here is the first block I made:

My real problem here is the seem allowance, I think.  The center geese just wouldn't line up!  I like the fast flying geese tutorial.  It was fantastic but I also feel that something was off when I was cutting those flying geese. 

This second attempt is slightly better.  I gave it a second go because I thought I would definitely get it the second time, but not so.  I'm now done! 

Moving on to a more exciting topic.  We're going on vacation next Friday!  Mexico for ten days.  So of course I need new summer clothes.  But the stores don't stock summer things this early.  So I thought I would whip up a few tops.  I love the first one but it's a bit too much like pajamas.  I used fabric from my stash so maybe just a bit too pink and glittery!  But I'll wear it! 

Excuse the phone pic...too lazy to get the "real" camera.
It's a great fit.  I made the large version, which was much too large and had to take in the sides.  The only thing I change is the facing for the armholes.  I didn't use any.  I had it sewn on and it looked bulky.  So I removed the facing and rolled the fabric as it wanted to do anyhow.  I just need to hem it and it's ready to go!
I haven't used a See & Sew pattern before but it looks really easy and was super cheap!  This blue t-shirt material is so soft. 
Now I need to get back to the bee block that I'm late on!  


  1. That top is so cute! Have fun somewhere WARM!! I'm sewing my block tomorrow, so you're not the only one not quite done ; )

  2. I like the yellow and black! That's a great block pattern!

    Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  3. A lot of people have been using the Loc a bloc ruler or Bloc a Loc I heard it is reallly helpful. I, myself don't have one, but I am itching to try it now!

    Your tank top is GORGEOUS!!!

  4. I love the top you have made! That pink sparkly fabric will look so right when you get to your warm sunny destination. Have fun!