Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Year End..

And a new one just beginning...  I've taken a long break from sewing the last few weeks.  Lots of celebrating has taken place, as I'm sure it has for you.  Thoughts for the new year are being formed.  Lots of decisions being made for the year ahead, some of them wonderful and some of them rather painful.

I had a really difficult time making a collage.  In fact, that is one of my resolutions; learning to make a picture collage!  But here are some of my favorite projects from last year.  As you can see I tend to use a rainbow of colors in everything I make.

New Year Goals for 2014
  •  Learn to make a photo collage!
  • Finish three quilts I have in the making... a medallion quilt, a vintage sheet tumbler quilt and my bee quilt.
  • Sew summer clothes for myself!
  • Could this be the year I learn how to knit?!
  • Make a quilt for charity.
Like I said before I'm on the verge of making lots of big decisions about this year.  These are the things keeping me up at night...hopefully typing this out will help my boggled brain.
  • Begin large home renovation in Maine, so exciting!
  • Decide and be happy with where I choose to live.  Maine with my family and everything I love or Canada (for two more years) with my hubby who I dearly miss.  This is a big one and is weighing heavy on us right now.  It's starting to have a negative effect and I just need to figure out what is best.  I've never been one to have depression, but even the thought of continuing to live between two countries is starting to make me sick to my stomach.  I don't have a gut instinct on this one.
  • Work on calmer parenting...I'll leave it at that for now. 
  • Start working again, I miss nursing!
  • Do some volunteering.
  • Exercise and eat right and hope for the best!
 I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!  Any resolutions you wish to share?


  1. Happy new year! Loved reading your Ida's for the new year :)

  2. I just joined Canva - I read about it here on While She Naps ( it's a new site similar to PicMonkey but with the option of storing. You can whip a collage right up! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks for the tip! Are you stuck inside on this super wintry day as well? Yikes, I cannot wait to get out again!

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    3. Yep. It's 0 and snowing, but I'm trying to get ahead on blog posts and make use of the inside time... if only my kids would stop fighting! They have some serious cabin fever this week. Also good luck with the move decision. It took us 6.5 years of marriage to break even 50/50 on time living apart/time living together and we're debating a voluntary "hardship tour" for my husband - a solo PCS to Korea - when we leave here which would tip our now "slightly more together" balance. There are pros and cons to both sides of your choices. I know too well how hard it is to decide, especially when you have kids in the mix! Good luck with your decision process.

  3. I cant wait to see the vintage sheet tumbler quilt! I love vintage sheet quilts. The solution will come to you about the living situation, and keep in mind "this too shall pass" Its how I get thru a tough living situation right now.

    1. Thanks! I have to remind myself of that! Oh and my tumbler quilt isn't even in this country, so can't work on that one I guess?

  4. oh and i used the other day to make a collage! it was simple

  5. Your quilts are stunning. and yes on the learning to knit!! Sending positive thoughts to you on the decisions that are to be made. Good luck!