Sunday, 22 November 2015

Bed hack

Before we renovated our house we had one very small bedroom and one odd attic bedroom.   The house was originally a cottage by the I guess that explains the size.  During the planning phase of our remodel we decided that we needed to have three bedrooms.  We now have three bedrooms!  Our little Violet's bedroom is teeny tiny however.  It wouldn't even hold a traditional twin size bed!  We knew we had to go custom but just before hiring someone we decided to attempt to make a bed ourselves.  We love the results.

Our supplies included two sets of these Martha Stewart cubbies.  We assembled them and turned them on their side just as you see in this picture.  We bought seven of the canvas drawers.  A piece of plywood.  A 2x4 piece of wood and various screws.  I'm not positive what the exact total of this project was but it's about $200.  And it makes a really solid little bed.

Really easy set up.  This bed was completely done in about two hours.  After assembling the two sets of cubbies my husband screwed them together end to end so they won't separate.  He had a piece of plywood cut to fit.  One side of the plywood was screwed to the cubbies and the other side was attached to the wall using a 2x4 underneath for support.  

Under the bed there is now a lot of space.  Both girls can play in it together and they've named it their kids club.

We adore the results!  We did order a custom mattress so that will be on it's way in just a few more days.  For now she has her old crib mattress and that's been working perfectly.

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