Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Wiksten Dress

I have been on a roll with my sewing lately.  I often switch from craft to craft at a rapid pace.  I learned to knit a few months ago and was having a ball but now with some spring travel quickly approaching I've switched to apparel sewing.  I'm not a complete beginner but have a lot to learn at the same time. I like the Wiksten tank top.  I've made it at least four times now.  The first time through I made it exactly as the pattern called for...it didn't work for me.  I am short waisted and big busted!  So with each top I make they seem to fit a little better. For this one I learned how to do a full bust adjustment or FBA.  It was actually very simple.  I think I may have over compensated a bit though because I ended up with a very roomy dress.  When doing an FBA there's a bit of a waist adjustment as well and I just added a little too much fabric into the adjustment.  
I wish there was someone home to help photograph!  
I really regret not adding a bit of length to the dress.  I followed the pattern for the length but it's fairly short especially on the sides. I may piece a bit of triangular shaped fabric into the sides.  Or perhaps I'll leave it, we are traveling to a hot climate after all.  
I love the French seams this pattern asks for.  I think I'll start adding them when I can.
This fabric is a rayon.  I think it's perfect for this pattern.  It moves well and it's very light. I've had it in my stash for a number of years so not sure of the maker.  I normally don't wear a lot of florals but I have a feeling this dress may turn that around!
Here you might be able to see the dart.  Darts make me smile!  Especially when they are perfect the first time!
Overall I think the dress is wearable and will feel great on a hot, humid day.  I may have to take a break from this pattern for a while though.  There are other fish in the sea, right?
Thanks for reading.  I have several other recently sewn pieces to share so be sure to come back for a visit soon!

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Can't Get Enough

The wind is howling outside my door at the moment.  Last night was wild and crazy.  Have you ever experience thundersnow?  It booms, like a freight train.  And now in its aftermath it's so windy I have not desire to go out.  So inside I shall stay with my knitting, sewing and reading, that is until the kids come home and insist on playing outside.
The above fingerless mittens have no appeal to me now.  The only reason being I bought handspun and dyed yarn.  The dye process left me with some murky purple in the middle of the skein that I couldn't see before I bought it.  I'll finish them all the same.  It's funny how one day I can be very excited about something I'm making and the next it just seems to be a hassle.
What I'm really excited about is this dress;
If you sew a lot maybe you'll understand.  I just finished my first ever full bust adjustment!  And added darts to a pattern that doesn't include them!  While reading a sewing book I came across the part about how all patterns are made for a B cup.  Well, I don't fit that category.  Frustrating yes, but I was so thrilled when I came away with a properly fitting bodice after the FBA.
My hope for this coming year is to make a lot of my own clothes.  Clothes that actually fit perfectly would be a dream!
Look at this wonderful stack of spring/summer fabric.  I love when I have spring travel planned.  The need for new clothes is exciting, especially when that means sewing spring clothes in the dead of winter!
I hope it's warm wherever you are!  And thanks for reading about my works in progress.  I love to read your comments!

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Some Days

Every once in a while I get one of those days.  It generally starts out feeling good but then something happens and it seems to trigger a chain of events.  It feels like a mountain of rocks, one rock comes loose and they all start falling.  Slowly at first, one by one the rocks start to fall but by bedtime the whole mountain has crumbled.  Yesterday was one of those days.
There was just too much of this;
This photo was taken this summer, but it gives you a hint as to what my day was like.
Violet had school and then was invited to play at a friends home.  I knew she would be tired.  But she went and came home tickled pink and exhausted. When her sister also got an offer to have a play date in the afternoon, Violet assumed that meant she would also have another play date.  Out of the question!  That's when trouble began!
...amidst many other parents and children at school.  Again it started slowly but turned into me being bullied by my four year old.  And just like that there was screaming, time outs, falling off her too high bed and being hurt, sisters talking freshly to one another and ended with an argument over nothing!
Today we're all feeling a little raw, and apologetic and hoping to start fresh. 
*parenting blogs that are too shiny and happy tend to bother me.  So a resolution for me is to tell it like it is.  Life is not perfect!

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Yarn Along

Yarn along is becoming so much fun for me!  I really don't know why I didn't get the hang of knitting long ago.  I'm definitely addicted and learning all I can about it.  
My husband says I never make him anything.  So in just two days I whipped this up for him;
Of course as soon as I finished it I lost the link to the pattern.  But as you can tell it's a pretty basic hat.  I thought it was going to be huge but his bean is gigantic!
And now I'm working on these fingerless mittens.  I don't love the yarn.  Some of it is purple but a lot of it appears to be rusty red.  Not what I was hoping for.
No problems though because we made a visit to KnitWit yesterday!

Monday, 4 January 2016

It's Over

Christmas is my favorite time of year.  In fact in recent years I may have become a little too obsessed. Only listening to Christmas music, binge watching Christmas movies and doing tons of baking starting just after Thanksgiving.  This year before it all began, I decided to slow it down.  For 50 years or more we've had great big Chritmas Eve parties in my family.  For the first time ever my mother and I decided it was time to relax, pull back a bit.  We went out to eat!  OUT!  That's huge, we're not a family that likes change.

It was a good season while it lasted.  But now more than ever I'm glad to get back to routine.  Hazel is back in school today.  Violet will be back in school tomorrow.  Then I'll be focused on sewing clothes for an upcoming trip!