Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Can't Get Enough

The wind is howling outside my door at the moment.  Last night was wild and crazy.  Have you ever experience thundersnow?  It booms, like a freight train.  And now in its aftermath it's so windy I have not desire to go out.  So inside I shall stay with my knitting, sewing and reading, that is until the kids come home and insist on playing outside.
The above fingerless mittens have no appeal to me now.  The only reason being I bought handspun and dyed yarn.  The dye process left me with some murky purple in the middle of the skein that I couldn't see before I bought it.  I'll finish them all the same.  It's funny how one day I can be very excited about something I'm making and the next it just seems to be a hassle.
What I'm really excited about is this dress;
If you sew a lot maybe you'll understand.  I just finished my first ever full bust adjustment!  And added darts to a pattern that doesn't include them!  While reading a sewing book I came across the part about how all patterns are made for a B cup.  Well, I don't fit that category.  Frustrating yes, but I was so thrilled when I came away with a properly fitting bodice after the FBA.
My hope for this coming year is to make a lot of my own clothes.  Clothes that actually fit perfectly would be a dream!
Look at this wonderful stack of spring/summer fabric.  I love when I have spring travel planned.  The need for new clothes is exciting, especially when that means sewing spring clothes in the dead of winter!
I hope it's warm wherever you are!  And thanks for reading about my works in progress.  I love to read your comments!


  1. Oh I think the purple is really pretty!
    I think they are going to be lovely!
    And that fabric definitely has the "Spring" feeling!

    1. I sure hope the purple looks ok, at this point it looks dirty! Ick! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Learning to sew properly is on my to do list. I never knew that patterns were written for a B cup, and I guess I, too, need to learn how to adjust for that. Thank you!

  3. Love the dress and your first fba - well done! I intend to do more sewing this year, something I started last year.